~ Divine Envy ~

The Artist Within pic

~The Artist Within ~

Ever wonder what you look like when capturing a shot? But no one really captures the artist in their inspirational moments. This is my artist…
justcathy Sep 24, 2013
 Beyond The Evergreens pic

~ Beyond The Evergreens ~

The still simple sight of an evergreen tree at night time. All but shadows now that the day slips away. - C.M.Holmes
justcathy Aug 13, 2013
 The Lights That Guide Us pic

~ The Lights That Guide Us ~

I took a trip with my father and zoe (Scum Bum) to a little sea side village and zoe loves this light house so I…
justcathy Jul 29, 2013
 Turning Tide pic

~ Turning Tide ~

As I sail forth into a land of dreams, I carry you with me on the winds of change. And there among the hopelessness of…
justcathy Jul 23, 2013
 Road Less Travelled pic

~ Road Less Travelled ~

I had this weird idea to take a photo of my board on the sand itself for some reason. I just thought it looked cool…
justcathy May 21, 2013
justcathy May 15, 2013

~ Tatts all folks ~

Hello fellow Buzzneters, Really sorry I haven't been on in a while. Work and home life has been manic for the past while now and…
justcathy May 15, 2013
 Hope Blossoms pic

~ Hope Blossoms ~

Springtime is slowly but surely making it way to Ireland :) Was wondering home last week and saw these flowers blooming from a dying tree…
justcathy Mar 11, 2013

~ This was me when I was wee ~ BST #26

This is me and my two brothers Sean (on the left) and Stephen (on the right) when I was two years old. It was dinner…
justcathy Feb 28, 2013
 Briney Beach pic
 Love pic

~ Love ~

This is my beautiful girlfriend scum bum yesterday on Valentine's Day. We spent the day together, had a picnic in the park and it was…
justcathy Feb 15, 2013


justcathy Feb 05, 2013
silhouetted skylinepic

~silhouetted skyline~

Walking through Belfast city last week saw this and thought it would look amazing as a shot. 
justcathy Feb 04, 2013
Crossing Pathspic

Crossing Paths

Travelling through Doncaster I came across this cross in a Court Yard and I thought to myself it would make an amazing Prog. Rock ablum…
justcathy Jan 28, 2013

Thus The Journey Begins....

Sitting in a Cafe I was offered a napkin and I sat there with my Coffee and began to draw a picture of a strange…
justcathy Jan 10, 2013

Fun and Games. What's it all about?

Greetings fellow Buzzneters, Seeing as this is my first blog, I thought I would let you in on what I do in life, give you all…
justcathy Jan 03, 2013
No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.pic

No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.

I love the gloomy weather in winter it makes for great photo opportunities. 
justcathy Jan 03, 2013
Happy Happy Joy Joypic

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Me Zoe and Ted, the motley crew of christmas times!
justcathy Dec 20, 2012
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me...pic

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me...

Last week took a trip out to Bangor, it's a beautiful seaside town and saw this shot couldn't miss it.
justcathy Dec 14, 2012
A View From The Toppic

A View From The Top

Climbing the mountains love how noble mark looks standing up there :)
justcathy Nov 20, 2012


Love how it looks like the tree is about to submerge into the water.
justcathy Nov 08, 2012
Early Morningspic

Early Mornings

Winter is coming :)
justcathy Oct 30, 2012


Fall in Ireland :)
justcathy Oct 25, 2012
At the end of every rainbow...pic

At the end of every rainbow...

David at the beach, saw the rainbow and thought this was a perfect opportunity for a great shot! 
justcathy Oct 24, 2012

Carving a pumpkin! Just style!

So I thought I would take some time out a give carving a pumpkin a go. Seeing as it's nearing halloween and I thought the…
justcathy Oct 22, 2012
World's Apartpic

World's Apart

Perched a top each throne, Sits a Prince alone.
justcathy Oct 22, 2012
A Follower, Following!pic
Fallen Leavespic

Fallen Leaves

Fall is a great time of year, I love the changing colours. 
justcathy Oct 14, 2012

Flesh To Stone

Transfixed gaze upon the ground Enchanted by this mystic sound. Drifting through the trees with endless ease. Heightened sense fill me with delight Drawing me deeper towards the light. Standing…
justcathy Sep 11, 2012


I feel that I have been there before. In fact every night felt the same. I have a constant re-occurring dream. I am walking mindlessly through…
justcathy Aug 27, 2012


CreaturesDwelling in their gloat and smirk,Vicious creatures filled with dirt.Hiding in their spineless ways, Sickening eyes all a glaze.Filled with loath and disgust,Making fools so robust.Ghosts…
justcathy Aug 21, 2012
It's Tea Time!pic

It's Tea Time!

I must admit saw this today and immediately feel in love. Love this art style.
justcathy Aug 21, 2012
justcathy Jun 21, 2012
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